Original Art
by Marius Michael-George


Medicine Grizzlybear Lake's Prayer

Oh, Great Creator
I come before you in a humble manner
And offer you this Sacred Pipe, or (moment)
With tears in my eyes and in an ancient song From my heart,
I pray

To the four powers of Creation
To the Grandfather Sun, to the Grandmother Moon,
To Mother Earth
And to my Ancestors

I pray for my relations in nature
All those who walk, crawl, fly and swim
Seen and unseen
To the good spirits that exist in every part of Creation

I ask that you bless our Elders and children, Families and friends.

I pray for the ones who are sick on drugs and Alcohol, and for those who are now homeless
And forlon.
I also pray for peace amongst the four races of Humankind.

May there be good health and healing for this Earth,
May there be Beauty above me, may there be Beauty all around me.
I ask that this world be filled with Peace, Love and Beauty.

Medicine Grizzlybear Lake
Aho Aho Aho and Amen

Mary Dusina


Metaphysician Intuitive Counselor

Fall is here and the time to reconnect with your Inner Self

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An Invitation to Enlightenment

Welcome to your bright and shining new year! An envelope of Grace now opens. Here is some advice for you to ponder as this sacred season of opportunity opens up; random acts of kindness and the art of giving are potent tools indeed. These skill sets generate from the holy majestic regions of one's heart center - the wisdom of genuine love. The heart is the most important command center as walk along your life's pathways.

Considering the giving concept, why not a gift of enlightenment? I offer "personal soul wisdom consultations" that involve clairvoyance -(over 35 years of visionary counseling coupled with metaphysical therapies,) all of which become available for the client as I scan / tune into ones very specific vibrational frequencies! You might compare the treasure of such guidance alongside you global positioning systems apparatus installed in your vehicles that ease you along with navigational prowess. That sense of security in knowing you won't lose your way... I am akin to such available celestial or even psychic mapping and direction guidance.

Enlightenment sessions are available in a myriad of ways, first they are cost effective in how they assist you in lifestyle choices that prevent you from plowing head first into impatient confused decisions resulting from impulse reactions; and secondly, the liberation available from the realization and recognition of your true blocks of fears - habitual control dramas - destructive anger and spiritually debilitating modes of behaviors just to name a few, when released or cleansed at ones core levels allows freedom factors to blossom as healthier options once these wisdom teachings have been brought to our attention for clarification for you to consider.

A long range satisfaction horizon becomes easier to obtain as you start walking in tandem with your higher holistic self! Wise people allow specialists to assist them in arriving at important crossroad choices, those karmic journeys of truth in our lives.

2012 is a powerful hallmark type of year - a cycle of becoming as rich in spirit, mind and body as one will allow. It is indeed a year of revolutionary and radical 'Awakenings'! A time of searching your innermost self, your heart; consider the awareness potential of embracing this year of destiny unleashed by scheduling a private appointment for an astrological overview of 2012 and / or a clairvoyant's guidance of those life lessons that lie ahead on your pathway of self discovery.

However you choose to dance with your Divine Creator, consider gifting this Visionary Blessing to another or even yourself. mdusina@rocketmail.com

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Mary Dusina's #84 prediction at coasttocoastam.com made on Jan 1st, 2010 was indeed a "hit."

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